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Extreme Intelligence Lighting: featuring 4 of our newest synchronized moving head lights fully programmed for grand entrance, spotlighting or club effects – you decide!

Dynamic Up Lighting: match your color theme, lights can be set to the beat to add more energy or you can have them set to solid colors.

This product is mainly used for decorating and highlighting in building frame, tents, halls, etc. It can work in independent mode and DMX mode, which can generate various color changing effects, such as flashing, fading, steady and color jumping synchronously.  uplighting-1

COLOR splash 200B fixtures standalone for more dynamic color displays, or on it’s own for highlighting the nuances of your architectural designs. It is a 6-channel, DMX-512 compliant fixture with blackout, dimmer, static, and strobe options as well as RGB mixing between the 8 red, 8 green, and 8 blue high-powered LEDs. It has built-in automated and sound activated programs via master/slave or DMX.



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